Here Are The Nominees For Steven Cheah's Block Of The Year (B.O.Y. Award) - Part II

We released our Run Blocking candidates for the Block of the Year (B.O.Y.) Award, so I'd like to reveal the top options from Passing Plays. Passing Plays are a lot harder to evaluate and typically less sexy than Run Blocks, but when you get big guys in space, you'll get a few highlights. So I'm definitely excited about this class. 

The rules for The Block of the Year are as follows:

- Must be an NFL Block (no College, High School)

- Block must have occurred during the 2020 NFL Regular Season

- There must not be a penalty called on the player being nominated

This poll will be live for 24 hours. Once the poll is closed, I'll aggregate the top vote getters from both groups and come up with the final nominees to be released on Monday.