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This Bill Cosby/Russell Westbrook Gif Has The Least Amount Of Chill Possible




Too soon?  I hope not.  I’m a little afraid to say anything about that because rape = not funny.  But that gif is incredible.  Everything about it is perfect.  One of the best the internet has ever produced.  The new thing on the internet when somebody makes a gif or a meme that people enjoy is to yell “WHO DID THIS” but we might really need an answer this time to who made that so we can give them the Gif Of The Year Award.  And if that award doesn’t exist then we need to make one specifically for that.  Maybe even name the award after that gif.  The Cosby/Westbrook Award (name needs some work).  Bravo, users of the internet.  Bravo.  Again, rape = not funny but damn that is gold.