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Natural Selection is committed to being an essential part of your health program by providing you with fresh, wholesome and delicious foods to fuel your body. Every meal that they serve is made of the highest quality and freshest ingredients.



Reader Email

This restaurant is my mom's dream. We are an immigrant family from Mexico. My dream was to be able to help my mom open her own business. She came to this country with the goal to give us a better life and an opportunity to better ourselves. We have been at this location since March 2008 and lived through the recession and now the pandemic. We are behind in our rent and I now rely on my job with the fire department to keep the employees paid and the restaurant open. We were hoping to be able to have my mom retire soon, she is now 67 y/o but she has been working in the kitchen extra hours everyday since this pandemic started and one of our employees contacted the virus. Our restaurant focuses on fresh unprocessed, organic food. We believe food is a source of health and we are providing a healthy alternative to fast food.