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The Barstool Fund - Tia Margarita

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A local favorite since 1963, Tia Margarita is a landmark, award-winning restaurant that offers traditional Mexican recipes and margaritas in cozy surrounds amid rustic decor.



Reader Email

My grandparents opened Tia Margarita in 1963. Exactly one year ago I was thinking of all the fun ways we could celebrate our 60th anniversary in 2023. I was overwhelmed with pride that my restaurant has survived this long. From the bottom of my heart I do not feel I am any more special then another, however, to survive in this city….this long … is a triumph to say the least. It carries more weight than I can describe. I would try and think of other restaurants that can celebrate so many years as well and only come up with restaurants like the Old Clam House, House of Prime Rib, Cliff House and Tadich Grill - restaurants that have been operating for over 100 years. This I take as more than a compliment and always have.
In the summer of 2020, I was surviving with outdoor dining. Customers were present every single day, reaching out, supporting us and asking how they can help. At the cost of sounding sentimental, I would talk to myself, 'Grandma I hope you can see this now. Your restaurant is going to survive Covid'. Now I'm not so sure?

Tia Margarita's legacy is that of a 3rd generation exclusively woman owned business in San Francisco. Now, I'm imagining something unimaginable. The unthinkable. After almost 58 years, San Francisco is denying me the ability to serve my customers. The vast majority of Tia Margarita's staff is of ethnic minority. We are a continuous source of opportunity and employment for the hispanic community. Now San Francisco is denying me this opportunity and responsibility.

Dave I have watched you interviewed several times and witnessed the joy you have brought to so many. I'm reaching out for help for my staff and for my community. What you are doing is inspirational. You truly took the challenge from your friend Marcus and people are seeing the difference. Whether you help Tia Margarita or not, we see you and are inspired, thank you.