Shout Out To Post Malone For Donating 10,000 Crocs To Frontline Workers Across The Country

Look at my guy Post Malone stepping up and donating 10,000 of his sold out Duet Max Clog II Crocs to frontline workers in 70 different hospitals across the country. Posty has been kind of quiet lately, may be hanging back in quarantine, working on some new music, or just spending more time on his crocs. Regardless of what he's been doing, this is an awesome gesture by him. He worked with a nonprofit organization called Musicians On Call that provides music to caretakers and patients in hospitals. 

Now I'm not a crocs guy. Never have been, never will be. They just aren't for me. But I have plenty of friends who love the hell out of their crocs, especially in the medical field. The fact that Post collaborated with them is pretty sweet too. He's had 5 releases of crocs, and the latest release saw them sell out in a day. These aren't Jordans or the Griffeys or anything, they're crocs! And Post Malone has them selling out in under 24 hours. That's insane. Hell of a gesture here by Post too, nurses and doctors spending all the time on their feet, I'm sure these are comfy for them. Plus they look fucking dope. If I saw my nurse or doctor walk in the room with the black Postys, I'd have the utmost faith and confidence in them. Not only does he release unreal music, Post Malone does some awesome stuff like this. Shout out to you, Post Malone. Now lets get some new music soon too, eh?