How To Clean A Northern Pike (VIDEO TUTORIAL)

I know it’s Friday night and everyone’s about to have some sex but real quick I thought I’d share this video because I’ve really gotten into northern pike lately. I just can’t help myself. Everyone knows and respects Walleye as the premier freshwater fish. Everyone loves a good Yellow Perch fish fry. But how often does the northern pike sneak into conversation? Not often. And as our buddy Boyd explains here, it’s actually pretty easy to clean provided you have 3+ decades worth of knife skills and a cooler full of fish.

Which reminds me.

I had a MONSTER performance on the lake tonight just testing out some new equipment    
Turns out I’m a natural. Gone Fishing w/ Chaps & Carl (GFCC (which actually reads like a Florida community college)) is off to a hot start folks. Maybe our technical difficulties suck rocks but I can promise you our fishing skills do not. And that’s before I even mention a 3.64 pound Yellow Perch. If you remember me for one thing and one thing only, make it the Yellow Perch. Please.


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