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KFC Radio 126: An All Time Classic Episode


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I’ve recorded 126 of these now. Just like episodes of your favorite TV show or songs on your?favorite band’s albums,?some are better than others. By now I can tell right away when we’ve recorded a clunker. Sometimes the voicemails werent too good and the commentary we provided were just, “Meh” and you know that it was an off week. For the most part I think we always put out solid episode but then every once in a while, you go on a heater. And you know when the juice is flowing and the episodes week after week are good and then you just?know when you knocked one out of the park. Usually I can tell by how much the people on the show are laughing. When myself and the panel members are belly laughing, thats when I know its an all timer.

Well that was yesterday’s episode with Spags and Feits. the stories that were being tossed around were absolute all time classics. Another Feits’ ex girlfriend story that would make JD, Wayne and Judith from Saving Silverman blush. Spags drops a BOMB on us about the Manning Brothers that cant be topped. I admit to you guys a huge secret that I’ve been lying about for months now. We talk about the rules regarding step-siblings and intimacy. Kinky weird spitting stuff in the bedroom. The list goes on and on. Make sure you bookmark episode 126 as one of the all timers.

Also – here is the Smitty The Outlaw episode video from two weeks ago:

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