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Who Is The REAL "America's Ass"?

Welcome to another post on Barstool Sports where we don't talk about sports and instead objectify men. 

As many of you know, Chris Evans is America's Ass.

But, since he was no longer in the Marvel Universe at the time of this interview, we asked Anthony Mackie, Falcon, what he would be if he took over the shield. He would be America's... what?

Now my first thought was America's Piece but Chris Evans has kind of got that one already too after his little mishap back in October or November, so I didn't know where Anthony was gonna go. And, as guys do, he went right into declaring that he's got the better ass than his best friend. 

Now I'm not gonna give an answer. I don't subscribe to "best ass" conversations. An ass is a piece of art, it's subjective. Some like Mike In Brazil, some like a Jenna Haze. Some like a 40 inches plus, others prefer We Live Together. There's an ass for everyone out there. This is America and we've got everything you need.