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Good News Star Wars Fans: Jedi Robes Are Now In Style!

The targeted ads online are getting taken to a whole new level these days. 

I was scrolling the internet and this photo collage popped up on my screen and, like it was designed to do, immediately grabbed my attention. At first I thought it was a fan-made Star Wars site or maybe Disney's Galaxy Edge selling to me before I realized that it in fact is an actual fashion wear company selling these long, lengthy, draping hoodies reminiscent to those we see in a Galaxy Far, Far Away. 

You can't look at the photos on the right and not think "that's Anakin Skywalker on his way to execute Order 66". Turns out it may just be him on a chilly date night with Padme. 

The fashion website Lovely Erica is selling them, and apparently knows that targeting Star Wars fans will make them interested in buying these new fashionable robes. What a world. Middle school me always wanted to rock a Jedi robe and throw up the baggy hoody to cover my eyes and look like a badass but knew deep down if I did I would immediately be the laughing stock of my small catholic school. 

Now Jedi robes look like they'd be something worn by the coolest rapper in a music video or even Justin Bieber. 

IndyCar driver and star James Hinchcliffe makes a fair point for all us nerds who thought that deep down. But again, not many of us had the guts to rock something like this back in the day even on Halloween, let alone to try and look cool. 

Yep. Next? Let's "normalize" wearing helmets like Boba Fett and Mando. We have to wear masks everywhere now anyways, may as well make it a T-shaped visor. 

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