A Polar Vortex Is About To Hit Cincinnati, So Let's Check On What's Happening During The Australian Summer

Here I am minding my own business in Cincinnati and I'm getting hit with news of a goddamn polar vortex? It's been warm as shit! I've been able to walk my pooch, not have to freak out about getting in a car to drive somewhere and freeze my ass off. It's strictly hoodie and sweatpants in the house. It's been a delight. Now I got to deal with a polar vortex? No thank you, even if it gives me more reason not to leave my basement and watch hoops all day and night. I do appreciate the name by scientists though. It's just really cold weather, but that's not intimidating. A polar vortex sounds like end of the world shit. 

So for those in Cincinnati, get ready to hunker down. Nobody goes out to the Banks or OTR or MLT's when it's cold as shit out. I say this as a very washed dad. It's all about the perfect triangle in the house. TV, fridge, couch/recliner. You want to be just a few steps from it all. If you can't make it work, pack a cooler and bring it to the place of sitting. Have your drinks ready and food right there. Limit the amount of times you got out from the blanket. 

But you see, I went another route. I checked out the Australian summer because like a dummy I forgot for a second about hemispheres and that it's summer down there. Luckily, travel blogger and all around smoke Sarah Kohan reminded us

And don't be afraid to ask her about past memories

Nate and I have blogged about her in the past, but just as a reminder this is Sarah Kohan