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If You Thought The Caps Were Unbeatable Before, Good Luck Beating Them Now That They're Cobra Kai Dojo Warriors


"Oh no" - the rest of the league. That's the noise you keep hearing coming from outside your window. It's the sound of the rest of the NHL shaking in their boots seeing that the Caps aren't just back, but they are bringing the energy of the Cobra Kai Dojo with them. Badddd news for the league. How bad? The Caps 6-pieced the Sabres last night and Ovi didn't even light the lamp once. And even worse, Mr. Miyagi is on board.


What's sick about this season is these teams will see each other so often, we're going to end up having a blood feud with Buffalo by March. I mean shit, there was already a fight last night, just wait til the 5th time they play and really hate each other.

Also, it was nice to see Chara out there. (Trigger warning for our Boston friends)



What a weird, wild season this is going to be. Buckle up, buckaroos. It's Our Year.