John Daly Spent The Rain Delay At St. Andrews Teeing Off On Cigarette Butts




Is it just me or has John Daly been dominating The British Open?  Maybe just me because I blog his every move but I can’t help myself. He’s unlike anybody else and I love him.  He’s not dominating the tournament on the scoreboard, mind you.  JD is E for the tournament.  Riiiiiiiight on the cut line.  We’re gonna need him to birdie a couple of his final holes just to be sure. But he’s dominating everywhere else.  Not even on purpose either.  He’s just being himself.  Here’s the latest instance of that.  Torrential downpours hit St. Anrews this morning and delayed the Open by three hours.  So what do most players do?  Catch up on some sleep, get something to eat or just hang out and shoot the shit in the clubhouse.  What does John Daly do?  He burns heaters and uses the butts as tees on the driving range.  Why?  I have no idea but JD doesn’t have to explain himself.  He simply has to exist and that’s more than enough for me.



h/t mak