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Uh Oh: Russell Wilson Wasn't Happy Brian Schottenheimer Was Fired And Wants A Say In Picking The Next Offensive Coordinator

[Source] - Russell Wilson didn't want the Seattle Seahawks to move on from Brian Schottenheimer as their offensive coordinator.

"If you're asking me if I was in favor of it, no," Wilson said, choosing his words carefully. "It wasn't my decision to change [from] Schotty. But I think that Coach Carroll made that decision. I trust his decision."

"I think it's vital, it's critical, super significant, obviously, that I'm a part of that process," Wilson said. "Coach and I have definitely been talking about that, [general manager John Schneider] too as well. We've had some ... great dialogue about the thought process of who we want, the leader ... the innovator, all that kind of different stuff that you want. 

"The next person, whoever that is, it's really critical that we're on the same page at all times and always talking and vibing and really, really on the same page."

Here we go. Another QB not happy with a decision of a team and wanting a say in it. I can't say I'm surprised that Russ feels this way. Carroll has talked about how he wants to run the ball more and better. Russ is one of the best quarterbacks in the league and has weapons in Lockett and Metcalf to throw it 45 times a game. It makes sense that Russ should have a say in this, because he's the quarterback of the present and future. If you want to win, you gotta have a quarterback and OC on the same page, that's just how it is in the NFL. 

But at the same time, how many times do we hear a story like this and hear how it fails? Shit, just look at Deshaun Watson. The Texans just flat out refused to interview Eric Bienemy and Watson is ready to play for literally anyone but the Texans. It's no secret you need a damn good quarterback to win in the NFL. Look at the teams remaining, who is the worst quarterback left? An injured Jared Goff? Maybe Drew Brees in 2021? Baker? It sure as shit isn't Mahomes or Josh Allen or Rodgers or Brady. 

But something has to change with the Seahawks. They were on fire to start the year and looked like shit to end the year. They were smoke and mirrors for sure. Shit, even Wilson dropped off. He had 28 touchdowns the first eight games of the season before throwing for just 12 in the next 9 and 4 of those came against the Jets. That doesn't really count. Some of it fell on Chris Carson being injured, but the Seahawks never really found that balance. 

Gotta think Russ needs to step up his social media first though like Watson. Can't be doing these TikToks and losing to the Rams in the playoffs

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