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A Thread Of "Accidental Dril" Tweets Is Proof That Twitter Is Still Actually Good

So before we get into the thread in question, if you dont know who Dril is, the above tweets are a little primer. Dril has been one of the funniest/dumbest accounts on twitter for a long time. Somehow his tweets are like madlibs of ridiculousness that work. People have tried to imitate dril but it cant be done unless it's an accident which is why this thread from my pal BobbyBigWheel is so perfect. Let's take a look at some real gems. 

This is the birthing of the tweet thread. Former presidential candidate Marianne Williamson took a break from sniffing essential oils to post about Hitler. This is the picture she posted. 

Next up in accidental dril:

Billy Football's opponent chimes in:

This thread is the perfect example of why I will never give up on the internet. When it's good, it's fucking great.