Shaq Hopped On TV And Immediately Called James Harden A Liar And Claimed People In Houston Are Glad He's Gone

It's actually upsetting we didn't have Shaq and Chuck on TV the night the trade went down. Feel like there needs to be an emergency flex of games to let Inside the NBA on TNT ranting about shit. Now typically Shaq is a pain in the ass when he talks about current players. He for sure has a sense of entitlement because he's one of the best players of all-time, but he's also one of the most insecure people in the world. He HAS to remind everyone how good he was and just loses his mind over everything, see: Dwight Howard, Rudy Gobert, etc. 

Now I don't think he's wrong here to a degree. I do think Harden gave a shit ton for Houston. It's been talked about before, but he had them fighting the Warriors every year, in the MVP race and was probably the 2nd best run the Rockets have had as a franchise behind Hakeem and that group in the 90s. You have to talk about the positives of what Harden did for the Rockets before you get to the negatives. 

To be honest, I expect this to be the common take now of what Shaq said. Yes, Harden was a whiner. He wanted everything catered to him and the Rockets did just that. They tried everything. They tried a classic big with him, they tried another lead guard, they tried small ball. They did everything and anything to keep him happy. And then the playoffs. Yikes. To me that's where you can get at Harden. He SUCKED when it mattered. Whether it was the moment, people figuring out his game in a 7-game series or some mix of that, he was awful when it came time to advance. 

Oh and don't think Barkley wouldn't chime in. Boom, roasted.