Connor McDavid Proves The Report About Aliens Already Making Contact On Earth To Be True

Remember that report that came out saying that aliens are already here but they're just chilling until humans are smart enough and chill enough before revealing themselves? Well I think that Connor McDavid just ruined that plan because the announcement has already been made. 

It's not exactly breaking news at this point that Connor McDavid is way better at hockey than any human has the right to be. But now it's at the point where he's just toying with everybody out there. 

This is already his 6th season in the league. And in the previous 5 seasons, you see this shot of Connor McDavid and you think you know exactly how this movie is going to end. 

McDavid picks up the puck in the neutral zone with speed. He already has the forwards flipping their hips and the defensemen are already panicking. 10 times out of 10, you think this ends with McDavid getting behind everyone and having a 1-on-0 with the goalie. 

Alexander Edler has seen this movie a million times before, too. He thinks he knows what is about to happen. So he just keeps backing up until he can't back up anymore. It's impossible for McDavid to get behind you if there's literally nowhere behind you to go, right?

So he let's McJesus carry the puck all the way to the hashes before he goes to flip his hips. Only issue is that this was Connor's plan all along. He has been setting Alex Edler up for 5+ years for this move. The long con, baby. Because instead of turning the corner and getting around the defender, now he's just going to pull up and cut across the slot and score an actual video game goal. Straight out of NHL 20. 

If he's not an alien then he is the most advanced piece of artificial intelligence that we've ever seen. No matter what, Connor McDavid is a threat to humanity. Especially if you're a defenseman in the National Hockey League. 

And oh yeah, this assist from Leon on McDavid's 3rd of the night was pretty filthy too. 

If the cologne smells even half as nice as that assist looked, Draisaitl is about to have an empire. 

Bonus Blog: The Kirill Kaprizov Era Is Officially Here

I'm not going to give this one its own blog but Kirill Kaprizov was a 5th round pick to the Minnesota Wild back in 2015. At the time, Chuck Fletcher was the GM of the Wild. Since Kaprizov has been drafted, Chuck Fletcher had been hired by Philly and Paul Fenton was hired to replace him. Then Fenton was fired and now Bill Guerin has been hired as the GM for the Wild. So there have been multiple regimes in Minnesota, all while Kaprizov has been in the KHL. 

Last night he finally made his NHL debut for the team that drafted him 5 years ago. And what did the 23-year-old rookie go out and do?

Oh ya know, just sauce up Jonathan Quick to score the overtime game winner for his first career NHL goal. 

Also, I feel like Kaprizov has to be the first rookie to come into the league wearing a Bauer 4500 in a while. Which should automatically give him a leg up in the Calder race. Style over everything.