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If You Could Attend Any Sporting Event In History, What Would It Be?


So last night we taped our first episode of KFC Radio with a real bonafide guest. Sharks Center Logan Couture was nice enough to join us live from his hotel room in Chicago, and answer questions not only from us but from the Stoolies. The one question that was asked last night though that we somehow missed was the question, “If you could go back in time to any sporting event, what would it be”. So here is my top 3.


Note – There are probably a million sporting events I wish I could have attended so I could probably do this list a thousand different ways. I specifically went for “memorable moments” leaving out games that were complete blowouts, 85 Bears, 92′ Dream team etc.  But as of today, this is my list. Leave yours in the comments.


3. June 28, 1998. Mankind vs Undertaker. Hell In The Cell

When 13 year old Big Cat watched this fight live he thought 100% that Mankind died 3 minutes into it when he was thrown off the cage and into the Spanish Announcers Table. Little did he know it was just the start of quite possibly the greatest wrestling match of all time. Mankind going out on a stretcher. Mankind fighting off all of the doctors to come back into the ring. The two of them fighting half of the match on TOP of the cage. Mankind doing the mandible claw only to have the Undertaker reverse it and backwards body slam him onto a pile of THUMBTACKS. Literally everything. Would honestly kill a man go back and be in attendance.



2. Friday February 22nd, 1980. USA vs Russia.


I feel like this is going to be on everyone’s list and rightfully so. Maybe the greatest upset of all time, and unlike any other sports event it was our entire country cheering for a team to win. Everyone was on the same team. Extra special for me though because My dad was actually at this game. So not only do I want to go to this game to see it live I also want to go to it to do some Back to The Future type shit with my dad. Whisper in his ear that he should buy a million shares of  Apple stock and give it all to his first born son. Either that or tell him to not bother with kids because his son Big Cat is going to be the largest disappointment a Father could ever have. Both work.



1. June 14, 1998. Chicago Bulls vs Utah Jazz

If you could pick a million sporting events you can probably pick about 100,000 MJ moments (Doing his top 5 tomorrow for his 50th birthday, that’s called a preview guys, pretty smart right?) but this might be my favorite. As a hater there is nothing more that I love in the world than when a player absolutely SILENCES a crowd. That moment when 20,000 people go completely mute, interspersed with one or two shrieks of horror. Add in the fact that at the time this was most likely MJ’s last game (we’ll just forget about the Wizards in its entirerty) and this is the perfect moment. The best in the world coming up in the biggest spot. The steal, the shot. Absolutely perfect.



I’m sure I missed a bunch here so leave any you can think of in the comments.