What Is The Most Realistic Sex Scene In Movie History?


You know how fucking hot a scene has to be for even Papa Doc to say the ICONIC final battle at the Shelter isn't even the most iconic scene in the movie? Hot. Really hot.

And look, folks talk about sex scenes all the time, there's a reason Mr. Skin existed (exists?). But we're talking ridiculous shit that would never happen in real life. We're talking Wild Things and fucking Top Gun love making and Halle Berry in Monster's Ball and I'm sure there's a bunch in 50 Shades that I've never seen. There's even Titanic with the hand on the window. But none of that shit is realistic, that's never gonna happen to a regular fella like me. I'm never gonna be in the garage of the unsinkable ship with Rose DeWitt Bukater and I'm definitely never gonna be fucking long enough to fog up windows. I don't even shower long enough to fog things up, let alone fuck.

However, a quickie in a factory that lasts 15 seconds? I can knock that out every day of the week. Maybe multiple times in a single day, if you'll allow me to boast for a moment. Most realistic sex scenes for me come from comedies, which should tell you a bit about how I do sex. Things like Along Came Polly where my guy is just dying to get to a time deemed acceptable 

or Forgetting Sarah Marshall where you just don't have a clue what you're doing and are actually hurting yourself

McLovin wondering if he's even in


Perhaps 40 Year Old Virgin where you get stuck in your clothes then try and figure out how a condom works in the dark

That's Real Sex (TM HBO) the stuff you see in comedies. None of that hot stuff. Yet somehow 8 Mile found the perfect way to be hot and realistic. Legendary scene.

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