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Jay Williams Calling The Current Nets The "Best Assembled Superteam In The History Of The League" Is The Funniest Thing You'll Hear Today

What the hell are we doing here? I know we live in a world of hot takes, but there's no way Jay Williams actually believes this right? It has to just be a schtick or something. I truly believe that. It's OK to say that the Nets Big 3 of Kyrie/KD/Harden is insanely talented. If that all works out they are going to be an absolute problem, no two ways about it. the history of the league?????????

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I know it was a long time ago, but travel back in time with me to....2017. You heard Williams say that this trio is better than the GS trio. I find that hard to believe. For starters, let's just say you are getting the same Kevin Durant. That's a wash then if you were to compare trios. On no planet is 2020 Kyrie Irving a better player or more talented than Steph Curry. That's just a fact. He's the greatest shooter to ever live and was coming off the MVP when Durant first got there. He made First Team All NBA the year before Durant got there, and then a Second Team/Third Team/First Team in the 3 seasons KD was on the roster. Kyrie Irving has one (1) Third Team and one (1) Second Team in his career. He's just flat out not better than Steph Curry. Period.

The Harden/Klay thing, that's easily in Harden's favor if you're talking about pure talent. They are drastically different players but I'm not going to fight that. Harden is a generational scorer and MVP. So you can see where I'm struggling here with Jay Williams' thought process here. If Durant is the same, and Steph is better than Kyrie, how is this the greatest superteam of all time?

This doesn't even factor in the rest of the rosters which if you do, makes this statement even more outrageous. Who is the Nets fourth best player? Joe Harris? Those Warriors teams were trotting out Draymond/Iguodala/Shaun Livingston etc. How on earth is this BKN group better than that? The key to a superteam isn't just the three guys, but it's about how devastating the rest of your roster is. Those MIA teams had their trio, but then solid vets to go along with it. Same with the Celts Big 3 (either era).

I'm not even going back further in NBA history for this blog. What about the Showtime Lakers with Magic/Kareem/Worthy? I'd put the Celts here but even I can admit that Parish/McHale don't really stack up "talent" wise, but they were certainly a more complete "superteam". Are we sure this Nets team is even better than the Bulls group even without them having that third guy?

I just don't get why we have to do this. Not everything has to be taken to such extremes. 2017 wasn't even that fucking long ago! It literally just happened. Is this just some sort of weird Steph slander that people love to do nowadays? I truly don't get it.

Yes, the Nets have the potential to be really really good if this all works out. But the best superteam in the goddamn history of the league? That's the laugh I desperately needed today.