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The Allegations Continue: Armie Hammer Allegedly Wanted To "BBQ and eat" His Ex-Girlfriend

Gareth Cattermole. Getty Images.


Page 6 - Armie Hammer’s latest ex-gal pal says their romance was like dating a wanna-be Hannibal Lecter — as the Hollywood star’s idea of pillow talk was fanaticizing about which of her body parts he’d like to roast and devour.

“He said to me he wants to break my rib and barbecue and eat it,” app founder Courtney Vucekovich exclusively told Page Six.

“‘F–k that was weird,’ but you never think about it again,” she says of overlooking the odd behavior at the time. “He says, I want to take a bite out of you. If I had a little cut on my hand he’d like suck it or lick it. That’s about as weird as we got.”

The claims by Vucekovich, known for creating the “on-demand glam” app Flashd, come days after Hammer became the center of a viral cannibal fury, over direct messages he allegedly sent describing rape fantasies and cannibalism went viral.

While Vucekovich, who dated Hammer from June to August, couldn’t confirm whether those specific screenshots were legitimate, she said they were no surprise.

“He likes the idea of skin in his teeth,” she claims.


Alright so at this point it's pretty clear- Armie Hammer has a cannibal fetish. Personally, I didn't know that was a thing before this week. I've heard of all sorts of weird fetishes- there's people who like to be peed on, there's people who like insects crawling on them, there's people who are into armpits, there are people who like to replicate 90's baseball players batting stances, but I have never heard of the cannibal fetish. Call me old fashioned, but I draw my line right about there, right before we get into the eating flesh territory. 

Now, I'm not a kink-shamer. And I don't think Armie Hammer was actually going to break his girlfriend's rib, put on a nice dry rub, and smoke it low and slow for 15 hours in his Big Green Egg. Buttttttt I'm also not going to swear an oath on that either. Like gun to my head, do I think that if presented with the opportunity to eat a piece of his girlfriend, would he do it if nobody knew about it and nobody would find out? 100% yes, I think he would. 

And this begs the question that comes from an infamous Reddit post- would you eat human meat if it was properly prepared? A dude had his foot amputated and him and his buddies made foot tacos. (NSFL link ahead!)



I don't think I'd be able to do it. I just don't think I would. I don't know. But then again, him and his friends are in the .0000001% of people who have tried human meat. So that's kinda cool. But I don't know if I could eat my buddy's foot. 

This blog has taken a turn. Anyway, it seems Armie Hammer is a big weirdo and that article also details a lot of abuse he put ex-gfs through, so all in all, maybe just stay away from the Ham Man if you don't want to end up on a skewer at his 4th of July bash.