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It's Finally Happening - Survivor May Resume Filming Soon

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Inside Survivor: According to Inside Survivor sources, the proposed filming dates are April for season 41 and June for season 42. Obviously, given the current state of the world, things can still change, but this is the plan the production team currently has in place. In terms of location, we’ve been told that Survivor will remain in Fiji. While other countries, specifically in the Caribbean, were looked into, the belief is that the production team struck a deal with the Fijian government to allow cast and crew special access into the country.

The final casts for these seasons are being decided within the next couple of weeks. Several rounds of casting finals took place late last year (all online) with new applicants. Meanwhile, some of the finalists who were in the mix pre-pandemic will have to redo their psych evaluations to ensure they’re still fit to compete.

As for the previous rumor of CBS wanting to film three seasons this year, that doesn’t look to be going ahead. Filming for seasons 41 and 42 is all that is on the table at the minute, with casting for season 43 pushed back until at least August 2021.

We finally have some good news regarding future Survivor seasons. It has been nearly two years since Survivor filmed new episodes and about 8 months since a new episode has aired, the finale of Winners At War. 

Martin Holmes of Inside Survivor, who has become the ultimate source for all Survivor info, wrote a blog this morning saying that the show is looking to resume very soon. They have been in limbo since the pandemic began. They couldn't film in Fiji because of COVID-restrictions, and it was hard to film elsewhere because so much of their infrastructure is already set up in Fiji. So basically they've decided to just wait it out and hope they'd be allowed to film again in Fiji at some point. And it seems like that point has now come, with plenty of protocols being followed. 

“Cast and crew won’t even be allowed to board their plane without proof of a negative COVID-19 test and will be screened for symptoms both before boarding and upon landing,” explained Bainimarama. “They’ll then be entered into government-designated quarantine — whether that’s a preapproved hotel or a remote isolated island — for the mandatory 14-day period.”

If we can put on full seasons of all the major sports, I'm sure there is a way to put on one season of 20 people quite literally isolated on their own island, and it seems like we're about to reach that point. The only bad news is we won't be getting 3 seasons this year, as once was thrown around. 

I know it's crazy to say about the 41st season of a show, but I truly believe this upcoming season might be the most important in Survivor history. They have to nail it. Survivor is undergoing a serious Renaissance right now since ever being put on Netflix. So many people are getting into it and realizing that it's not just some dumb reality TV show. Nate wrote an excellent blog talking about how right I was. Other people in the office are starting to watch too: Big Ev, Lil Sas, and Nick just to name a few. I see so many other people around the Internet getting into it too. It brings a smile to my face every single time. 

If you're looking to get into it or wondering what season to watch next, see my blog from the beginning of quarantine.