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The Barstool Fund - The Parting Glass

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The Parting Glass Irish Pub & Restaurant was established in 1981, and it's one of the oldest continuously run pub/ restaurants in Saratoga Springs. USA Today voted the pub as one of the top ten Irish pubs in the United States.



Reader Email

Hi Dave; I am overwhelmed by your  generosity  with helping small businesses like mine.  I was looking forward to celebrating our 40th anniversary in March and this week I was making up the “closed” Signs knowing
I might not make it through the winter months or the long haul trying to stay open until things get better. The Parting Glass Irish Pub was opened in 1981; family run Pub that features EVERYTHING that has been restricted
By Covid19 government laws. I have 5000 square feet that catered to good food; two bars,English Dart League,parties of 20 to 200, located near Saratoga Racetrack.

As Borrell’s served the first pizza; we were the first to feature Guinness Stout Beer.
and the first bar/restaurant to feature live music, the first of many things in Saratoga Springs upstate New York.

I remember opening week; customers said “you will never sell that black beer”. 40 years later; almost every one at the bar holds a pint of Guinness in their hands.

Ive gone into huge debt to make it this far and Im exhausting all avenues to stay open week to week. I was ready to hang up the closed signs when my sister called me and told me about your fund.
I hope to get the second PPP Loan; but covering payroll is only one little part of the expenses. My biggest worry right now are the property taxes due for 2021; which is now upon us.
I have a staff and family working for me that are depending on my staying open; but making through 2021 without the racetrack business, bar business, and all that has been restricted; I cannot make it without more help.

Watching Mr. Borrellli’s video brought tears to my eyes as he was verbal with all I am thinking and trying to do after “almost” 40 years in my business. My two daughters are managers and of course my grandchildren
Work here when not in college now. Daughters. Have been working with me here since the opening in 1981.

Since I have medical issues now, the family takes care of on hands operations with me at home doing the bookwork, and me consulting and advising from home.
I treasure the 40 years of memories my family and I have = and I pray I can hang on till situation gets better.
I have reduced hours; reduced menu; and are opened Thursday thru Sunday now to reduced my expenses for January; but overhead and Taxes cannot be reduced.

With Appreciation for any help you can give The Parting Glass (The Last Glass of the Evening) old Irish Song…..) "Thank you and goodnight and Joy Be To You All)”

Joan Desadora, Owner