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Ozzie Guillen Just Said He Wants To Fight Jose Canseco At Rough N Rowdy... I Think

Yet another reason to love everything about Ozzie Guillen. Now, I'm not totally sure who he was calling out here. I THINK he challenged Mayweather? Or was he challenging Canseco? Maybe I just am having such a difficult time knifing through Ozzie's broken English that he's actually challenging Billy Football? It was like I was watching the Mad TV skit in this tweet:

Wait wait wait... I got it. It took me 10 attempts at reading the Tweet, but I got it. He's challenging Canseco and said he's going to "Mayweather" his ass. As in he was using Mayweather as a verb to describe what he's going to do to Canseco.  Goddamnit Ozzie, you rascal! Just so goddamn funny. I love Ozzie. I love that man more than I love my own mother.

Either way these are the odds I'd lay if I were an odds maker laying a line for all 3 bouts:

-200 against Mayweather
-1000 against Canseco
-10,000 against Billy Footballl

Ozzie would be the favorite to beat all of them. I mean look at the guy - you just know he fights dirty. That's one of the reasons we in Chicago love him so much. I include Cubs fans in that because I think they even love Ozzie. Just a scrappy motherfucker that oozes TWTW through every pore every minute of the day. You think that midget Mayweather stands a chance against Ozzie? Nope. Canseco's old ass who's so tight from all the juice he can hardly bend his elbow? Nope. That scrawny Billy Football? Not a shot in hell. It'd be a blood bath against all 3. No doubt about it. 

Oh and BTW - Ozzie and his son Ozzie Jr. came into our shitty office for about 4 hours last winter for an interview. He really was incredible and told amazing stories. Literally 3-4 days later Chief and I ran into him at a shitty breakfast diner in Wicker Park at like 8am. He had no idea who we were. A few months after that we ran into him at Cog Hill for the Barstool Classic. He had no idea who we are. Ozzie just doesn't have time for little peons like us and I fucking love that. Fuck me, fuck Chief and fuck everyone who's ever shit talked Ozzie. 

Nevertheless I cannot WAIT for this Rough n Rowdy. February 5th. A+ entertainment for a Friday night and let's be real - you have nothing else to do.