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A Tesla Inadvertently And Undeniably Proved The Existence Of Ghosts

I've seen a lot of attempted explanations of what really happened here. There was some trash in the way, the flags and flowers are being picked up by the sensors, a pal was crouched down in front of the car just out of view of the phone camera. In other words, people grasping at whatever straw they can reach to try and deny the undeniable. That's a fucking ghost. No two ways about it. Just use your brains for me one time. Teslas would never move an inch if every bag of trash or bushel of flowers set off these collision avoidance sensors. 

And would it really come as a surprise to anyone if Elon Musk's entire operation was really a giant ghost hunting front? Think about it. This is the guy who randomly woke up one day and decided to sell flame throwers. There's no one alive trying to get off this planet and get to Mars faster than him. And, if we can't get to Mars, he's trying to move everyone underground. Everyone knows ghosts are strictly above ground beings. The math is mathing a little too easily on this one.