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My Journey To Fight Island Began Today

What's up everybody! I'm just checkin in real quick before my final round of coronavirus testing to let you know that my journey to Fight Island has begun!

This morning, I flew from New York City to Las Vegas (where the UFC charter will depart from on Friday) to quarantine in a hotel for a few days before the reeeaaal journey begins - an 18 1/2 hour plane ride to Abu Dhabi. Yikes!

Unfortunately, I'm ridin solo on this trip, so that means I'm doing all the camerawork/editing myself, but I've already started putting out some vlog-style videos (the first of which you can view above), and plan on getting out as much content as I can per usual, so make sure you're following along on Twitter!

P.S. I got picked up in a god damn limo today. I don't know much about life but I do know how fucking absurd and surreal that is. Ridiculous. Felt awesome tho.