A New Big Three Has Been Formed As James Harden Has Been Traded To The Brooklyn Nets

What’s better than one disgruntled superstar guard? Two! The Brooklyn Nets decided to push the Kyrie saga to the back burner and bring in Harden. I love that the OKC trio keeps getting together in different variations. We’ve seen Russ and KD together. We’ve seen Harden and Westbrook in Houston. Now we finally get Harden and KD reunited.

I don’t know how Steve Nash is going to piece this together on the fly. A first year coach already had plenty on his plate with Kyrie and KD. Now he loses Caris LeVert and has to figure out how to get these three to work together. Well, right now it’s just two. We'll see if it ever becomes a true Big Three or if Kyrie's still on his personal journey through the cosmos. 

As for the Rockets, the Harden era comes to a close. As I wrote last night, it was well worth their time over the last decade. The Rockets were always in the mix and they almost beat the Warriors at the peak of their powers. Good for them. It was a bigger success than the T-Mac and Yao era, and not as successful as Hakeem's run in H-Town. Now they get Victor Oladpio and what I would characterize as "stuff." Maybe one or two of those picks work out, maybe not. But most importantly they get peace of mind. They've got a rejuvenated John Wall, Boogie, Christian Wood and Oladipo. And, above all else, no Harden bumming everyone the fuck out and eating everyone's chips while they're not looking. That alone is worth about five wins in my eyes.

I actually think I love this trade for the Pacers more than anyone somehow? Like yeah the Nets get the star power in Harden but they have all the pressure in the world to win right this very second. The Pacers get away from Victor Oladipo's knees and acquired one of the more intriguing, under the radar scorers in the League. Indiana still has some interesting pieces they can package and fill out their roster around Sabonis, Malcolm Brogdon and LeVert. 

I love how the Cavs found a way to get into this trade. They pick up Jarrett Allen and now they can run a true five center lineup. Forget Sexland, give me Allen, Thon Maker, JaVale McGee, Andre Drummond and Larry Nance on the court together. That's basketball the way Dr. James Naismith always wanted it to be played. 

Poor, poor Philly. On the phone, doing everything they can, trying to get Ben Simmons and the change in their couch cushions together and nab Harden. One day, Sixers fans. One day you wont have to keep trying to force these square pegs into round holes. Not today, though. 

Now, time to get James Harden on a treadmill and Kyrie Irving on... I don't know, mescaline? Micro-dose shrooms? The man needs something to take the edge off, and FAST.