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Kevin Kisner Gave The Perfect Answer When Asked Why He Shows Up To Tournaments He Knows He Can't Win

And THAT ladies and gentlemen is why Kevin Kisner is the best. Honest answers like that one right there is what makes him the best interview in all of golf. Why does he continue to show up at tournaments he knows he can't win? Uhhhhhhh because the prize money for coming in 20th at a PGA Tour event is still pretty fucking sweet. Sure winning is great and everything that comes along with it and blah blah blah but you know what's also pretty good? Playing well enough to take home a fat check that allows you to play golf for a living. 

That answer doesn't by any means mean Kevin Kisner doesn't want to win, he does. Badly. In fact the money is even better when you win tournaments I'm told. But that doesn't mean Kiz simply isn't going to show up to a tournament because he knows he can't win it. Might as well show up, play well enough to make the cut, finish T24 overall and take home a nice chunk of change to the family. Lather, rinse, repeat. Kiz truly is the T20 gawd. So much so that we had a running joke about it on the podcast a couple years ago when he finished T20ish like 7 tournaments in a row.

By the way, it's worked out pretty well for him