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This Prostitution Sting Operation In a Taco Bell Parking Lot Is Such Bullshit I Can't Stand It

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Palm Beach - On Saturday June 19, drivers were offered a little extra with their crunch wrap supremes: $40 blowjobs and $50 sex in the parking lot. But it was part of a sting operation by Fort Lauderdale police to combat street-level prostitution. An undercover detective posed as a prostitute waited along South Federal Highway in front of the Taco Bell. She was fitted with a listening device and another detective was recording her on video, though the audio was not recorded because of “technical difficulties,” according to a police report. At 4:30 p.m., 58-year-old Joseph Sirgany slowed his truck and made a “beckoning head nod gesture,” the report states. He allegedly rolled down the passenger side window and asked, “You want to give me a blowjob for $40?” The detective gave a takedown signal and pointed the duped john toward the back of the Taco Bell, where he was arrested. Just 11 minutes later, 30-year-old Matthew Butler rolled down the passenger side window of his red Acura and asked, “How much to fuck for half an hour?” The detective replied,“$50.” The John allegedly agreed and was likewise arrested. Reached by phone, a Taco Bell shift leader who gave his name as Alfonso explained that he had never seen a prostitute in their parking lot before, nor was he aware that a sting operation happened there either. He asked other Taco Bell employees but none had seen a prostitute in the parking lot either.


Wait, hold the phone. Back up the truck. How in the blue fuck does this combat prostitution? How does this accomplish anything? Just to be clear, what had happened was officers pretended to be prostitutes, solicited completely innocent people just trying to get a few crunch wraps, and then arrested them if they said yes. That’s mind-blowing shit. I don’t know the official word for it, I’m not well versed in bird law, but entrapment or some shit like that. It’s not like they were going out of their way to find a hooker. It was kind of just like right place, right time. A blow job fell into their lap. 40 bucks for a parking lot blowy while you eat your tacos? Kind of hard to turn that down. How is that crime? And how does this protect anybodyyyyyy? Arresting the guys who weren’t even trying to find a prostitute in the first place, BOOM, GOT EM! Pretty insane if you ask me. Now they are going to have to pay thousands in legal costs and probably end up in the water under the Golden Gate Bridge, all because a guy wanted to buy himself some mexican food.


PS: How about the balls on this Matthew Butler fella? “How much to fuck for half an hour” HALF AN HOUR?????? Christ on a chalupa, if he can fuck for a half hour sober while eating Taco Bell he should be in movies, not a drive thru.