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The Barstool Fund - Clover Joe's

Up next: Clover Joe's (Charlotte, NC)

Clover Joe’s, which has been a local favorite for 10 years in Uptown Charlotte, is a so-called ‘funky, old-school sandwich shop.’ Featuring exposed brick, a delicious menu, and a scenic courtyard outside the store, it’s no wonder people continue to come back.



Reader Email

Good afternoon,

We are contacting you because unfortunately we are a small business in uptown Charlotte that has been affected by Covid. Our business, Clover Joes, used to be a very successful lunch joint in uptown Charlotte. With the shut downs and Covid, we have been down 90% for 9 months.

My name is Joseph Killelea. I have 3 children… 2 in college. I run Clover Joes with my wife, Randi. Our restaurant is in a historic courtyard in Charlotte. The courtyard used to be jammed packed with customers. Since March, most of the restaurants and shops have closed. We are still trying to make it, but we don’t think we’ll make it passed January. We did receive a little PPP money, but we were never supposed to be closed for 9-12 months. We need help please. We’ve been told our customers may come back to work in the Spring, so we just need a little help to get to the Spring. Our landlord has required full rent all these months.

Please let us know. Thank you for your help!

Randi and Joseph Killelea