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PSA: Trying To Do The Lift From Dirty Dancing After A Few Cocktails Could Result In Disaster

Hold on one sec, I have to go on WebMD real quick.

(Press play)

Okay, I'm back. It turns out the human body is indeed NOT supposed to bend that way. It can and occasionally it will, usually during an NFL game or an episode of Jackass. However, it is definitely not ideal and a reminder that nobody should try to Swayze whether while intoxicated or sober as a moose. Actually nobody should ever try to Swayze unless you are THE Patrick Swazye, who unfortunately now exists on a different plane than the rest of us living creatures. Because if you try to, you aren't going to put Baby in a corner. You are going to put her in a coroner's office. Best case scenario, you are going to put Baby in an Emergency Room where doctors are astonished she didn't break her spine along with every bone above her belly button.