Can We Interest You In Chad Ochocino Screaming At Brandon Marshall About How Eating McDonald's Is The Scientific Reason He Never Got Hurt?

Spot the lie. Ochocinco might the greatest debater this side of Frank Ricard. 

Tough to argue with a guy who played 167 out of a possible 176 regular season games. Meanwhile Brandon Marshall who was eating healthy played just 5 games once in a season with an ankle injury. It's no secret Ocho loves McDonald's and I mean he fucking LOVES McDonald's. He loves it so much he once got it hand delivered to him in the middle of the club

Love that move. Hope it's two McDouble's no ketchup, medium fries and a sweet tea. That's the go-to McDonald's order if you have to grab fast food while driving OR if you're hungover. That's really what makes McDonald's special. There might not be a better hangover cure in the world than a hot shower and immediately eating McDonald's. Starting to think Ocho might be right here with the screaming of science. It makes no sense but it works with hangovers, why not injuries? 

I don't think I've ever seen someone argue so passionately about something either. I don't even think I get that worked up talking about Calipari. That's how much Ocho loves McDonald's. It's fucking impressive. I need someone to test this theory out. Can we get Daniel Jones on the McDonald's Diet? Let me see if he can stay healthy now post-injury by just eating 20 chicken nuggets and sweet and sour sauce a day. 

This is only true if he happens to stay on the Giants. Whatever, I'm not the biggest DJ fan but he's my guy until he's not. Please just be decent.