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I Finally Cracked The Case Of Why MTV Shows A Million Episodes Of Ridiculousness Every Single Week

We dove into a whole lotta shit on this week's Podfathers. Large gave us an update of what it's like battling covid, we embraced debate on which store brands are good/bad, I essentially sucked off Sponge Bob dry for making my kids care about football during Nick's NFL broadcast no matter how shitty the Bears offense looked, gave a review of Pixar's new animated movie Soul, and discussed how to deal with your kid that may or may not have dabbled in some light treason at the Capitol.

However, the most important discussion we had was how the schedule maker at MTV continues to let something like this happen:

Giphy Images.

We discussed this nonsense pretty much weekly on No Quitters (RIP In Peace), Eddie blogged about, I blogged about it, and anybody who has turned on MTV more than 5 times over the last few years has thought about it. I would never ask a station called Music Television to play music because I realize the music video star have gone the way of the radio star. But something, ANYTHING, would be better than the ridiculous amount of Ridiculousness on MTV.

As is usually the case, the answer was found within the most wonderful, caring, sliiiiiiightly twisted fanbase in the universe: The Stoolies.

This is me showing my work while also snitching on myself that I forgot to blog this as the Christmas malaise set in:

You get the point. I guess it turns out the magic of being there when the MTV Moon Man was born along with watching the fatherly charm of 90s Bob Saget has led to the chaos that is Rob Dyrdek and Coco Chanel's banshee laugh living on MTV for roughly 160 hours a week (for reference there are 168 hours in a week, h/t Google).

So next time you have a shiver run down your spine because you forgot to turn off MTV after watching The Challenge and hear Coco Chanel's banshee laugh during an episode of Ridiculousness, you can blame the boomers. Granted they are the probably the demographic most likely to watch TV at any hour of the day and refuse to get their entertainment from the internet since Rob Dyrdek essentially curates the big bad World Wide Web for them. But as someone that loves and misses my MTV, let me politely say F you, Boomers.

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