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This Dancing UK Cheerleader Taking All Of America To The Electric Factory Was The Only Highlight From Last Night Worth A Damn

Internet must be broken or something because this is the only highlight I can seem to find from last night's Kentucky game. Just this cheerleader putting an absolute fucking beatdown dancing. It's rare to see someone in an empty arena like this take all of America to the electric factory but our guy here did the trick. That said, I can't help but shake this comparison 

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You wanna talk about chemistry through the roofs? I can feel the sexual tension through the computer. The moment he gets the look back from her, you know it's on. Then it happens. She breaks out what can only be called The Matrix as he goes into the slide and shimmy

The hell else am I supposed to talk about? I've never seen Kentucky lay a dud like last night. Yes there were extenuating circumstances (RIP Ben Jordan) and that has to be taken into consideration. But everything from the last few games just regressed. Cal refused to play small against an Alabama team that wants to spread you out and take you off the dribble. Olivier Sarr looked like the softest player in Kentucky history again since the gameplan early was to get him the ball and use his size. He did nothing notable except suck. The guards couldn't stay in front of anyone. It was just a complete and utter disaster. Whatever, beat Auburn and it's fine. Lose to Auburn and shit is officially off the rails. 

Bring these two in the locker room for some energy. You can't teach this.