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Today In Amy Schumer: She Swiped Katie Couric's Phone And Texted Her Husband "I Wanna Have Anal Tonight"

And that’s that. Yet another tall tale of this chick being the most down to Earth broad in the history of the universe. Just snatching up a 58-year-old woman’s phone and instinctively texting she wants to take it up the tailpipe to her husband. Legit something you or I would do to one of our close buddy’s for a lark, but Schumer just did it to one of the most respected news personalities in the world. Same thing.

I really don’t like how the media is pushing this Jack-O-Lantern with tits down everyone’s throats but somehow, someway, she isn’t annoying me. Yet. I’m sure that’ll change sooner than later.

PS – Poor Mr. Couric (yes, I am assuming he took her name). Can’t be a good feeling being given a backstage pass then realize it’s counterfeit at the door.