Report: Pace & Nagy To Return To Bears; Pagano To Retire

I'm very confused that there are a good amount of Bears fans surprised by this. It's exactly what many people have been saying since we started that 3 game win streak during weeks 14-16 and that's if the Bears make the playoffs then the McCaskey's will cling to that pin and continue with the status quo. 

Well that's exactly what the Bears did and now we are here. We fell ass backwards into a playoff spot and will sometime this week or next hear from Nagy, Pace, and maybe even George about how it "wasn't good enough" and how they "need to be better" and round and round we fucking go.

I do sincerely hope that Pagano doesn't turn out to be some type of fall guy here though as replacing Vic Fangio is no fucking easy task. And that's not to say I loved Pagano, but there were certainly WAY WAY WAY larger issues these last two years besides Chuck's defense playing shitty against the Packers as well as a few more times in between.

I'll have more thoughts on Thursday's Red Line Radio because I could've even met them half way here on some things, but to make Pagano the only change is tough.

Just an infuriating franchise to root for.