Wake Up With George Brett Getting His 3,000th Career Hit....And Then Immediately Getting Picked Off First Base

George Brett, one of the best hitters ever. A man who knows good BBQ, a man who knows how to tell a good story about shitting himself too. This clip above was one I hadn't seen before though. George Brett ropes a single into right, almost takes the fielders face off too. Gets to first, congratulated by his teammates. He's on cloud 9. Happiest guy in the world. Takes his lead and he's shooting the shit with the first baseman. He probably didn't know where he was he was so happy. Next thing he knows, the pitcher throws over and he's out by a foot. Can't do anything but laugh at that point, even his wife is cracking up in the stands. If there's one time you're okay with getting picked off first, it's a minute after your 3,000th hit. I'm sure Brett didn't mind too much. Shoutout to the pitcher too for having the balls to rain on Brett's parade.