Kristaps Porzingis Dropping His Rap Knowledge All Up In Your Faceun

Kristaps. WOOP WOOP. Porzingis WOOP WOOP.

Overall I’m gong to give The Big Zingis an A+ on this hip hop quiz. Broke my heart when he didn’t know “Messed around and got a triple double” from Ice Cube. Everyone should know all the words to Good Day, thats just a fact. And you could tell Nas was on the tip of his tongue for “I never sleep, ’cause sleep is the cousin of death.” Which, by the way, is one of the best most dramatic lines ever spoken. So he gets a pass for that.

Everything else he didnt get is completely understandable. Run DMC? Kristaps is fucking 19. He was born in 1995. What if I asked you to identify Latvian music stars from 1984? I mean Kristaps barely shared any time on this earth with Biggie and Tupac and you want him to know Run DMC? Get outta town. Same thing with LL Cool J. You could see the look on Kristaps face like “That dude from NCIS who sucks at hosting the Grammys? That guy is a rapper?” Otherwise he knocked it out of the park. Flat out offended by the Eminem question. Answered Drake with ease. Only one that was an utter disaster was when he thought LA & Ness sung California Love.

Rough showing for your boy Jonah there. Any time you ask a guy named Jonah to do a rap segment with a 9 foot tall 19 year old Latvian, you’re pretty much asking for disaster.