Coach Beats The SHIT Out Of A Dad Over Girls Softball





You know what the big problem was here? Vacation time. The dad said it outright, he’s on his vacation so he doesn’t have shit else to do but drive on down and fight the coach of a softball team his daughter got kicked off of (presumably because he yells from the stands too much or tries to get too involved or some shit). If it wasn’t for vacation then the guy’s face wouldn’t be broken. If it wasn’t for vacation then he wouldn’t be getting emasculated on the internet. That’s why if you take vacation time then you absolutely have to physically go on a vacation. You get too bored just sitting around the house. It’s not like in school when all your friends are off too, you’re alone and start to go stir crazy. Wake up, eat breakfast, watch some TV and by like 10 AM you’re thinking fuck this sucks, I want to guy punch someone in the mouth.


So that’s my advice to you, unless you have enough money to actually go on vacation then don’t even bother taking one. Complete and total waste of time and it sucks even more than working. Or maybe I’m completely wrong and Dave just has us that well trained to think like that, which is also a very strong possibility.