Alvin Kamara Included His NFL Fine Letter for Wearing Christmas Cleats in the Box of Gear He Sent to the Hall of Fame

I love this guy so damn much. After Alvin Kamara tied the NFL record with six touchdowns in a game against the Vikings on Christmas Day, obviously the Pro Football Hall of Fame wanted to put some of his game-worn gear on display from the historic performance. But Kamara did them one better.

Since nobody is allowed to have any fun in the NFL, Kamara was fined $5,000 for wearing red and green cleats during the game — that again, was played on Christmas. For all the shit Major League Baseball gets for not being able to properly market its stars, see what happens if you try to show a little bit of personality in the National Football League. But Kamara was able to get in the last laugh as he put his fine letter in the box alongside the rest of the gear he sent to Canton, Ohio.

I don't know how many guys in the League would have even thought to do that or had the balls to follow through with it, but Kamara absolutely does not care. He's the greatest. The fact that the best football player to come out of my alma mater in the last decade ended up on the one NFL team I genuinely despise is just par for the course for my life.

Regardless, we need more personalities like Kamara in the game. He goes out and kicks your ass in red and green cleats and then sends his fine letter to the Hall of Fame just to stick it to the man. Long live AK.

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