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Fear Not Deadpool Fans, Deadpool 3 Will Indeed Be Rated R And Take Place In The MCU

Let's cook Wade Wilson, you sick deranged fuck! I think most of us expected Disney to let Deadpool be Deadpool when they acquired it with a whole bunch of good and bad shit from 20th Century Fox considering the movies were awesome during a time where any Marvel movies that did not have the warm touch of the good people at the MCU were essentially trash. But when The Mouse is involved, logic sometimes goes directly out the window, especially when it comes to shifting away from that wholesome family values that Walt built his company on brick by brick.

Luckily, the one thing Mickey appears to love more than family values is cash, which isn't exactly flowing in to the parks during this pandemic. So we will get the Deadpool we all deserve, which comes at the perfect time because I think the X-Men were getting kinda sick of his shit anyway. I would've loved to have seen my dog TONEY STARK chop it up in a war of wits, but my dog THANOES took care of that. I don't know which MCU characters I want to see roaming around. Getting some of the heaviest hitters in the MCU would be fun, but so would be getting some of the most obscure ones as Deadpool bitches about the new media overlord being worse than the old media overlord while he casually roasts the evil rodent empire on what will likely require thousands of rewrites by Ryan Reynolds and the gang considering we know how much much Mickey likes having his authority questioned.

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The most important thing however is that Deadpool can keep it's two movie winning streak rolling due to an R rating, which means all the difference in the world in my eyes. I loooooooved Major League but only like Major League 2 simply due to the removal of a few choice four-letter words and a dash of strong sexual content.

Besides what does an R rating even mean anymore? None of us even know what the movie theater industry will look like by the time Deadpool 3 rolls around and I don't even know where to find movie ratings on Disney+, which is probably where I'll be watching this movie. However, there is no denying that Deadpool simply isn't Deadpool if you chop his mangled balls off and don't allow cursing, gratuitous violence, or scenes like this from happening.

Sidenote: I cannot put into words how much I love Morena Baccarin. From Deadpool to Homeland to, well those are the only two things I've ever seen her in. But she is batting whatever is higher than 1.000 in everything I have seen her in


I had no idea she played Crazy Eyes from How I Met Your Mother but this makes sense because I never was more infatuated/terrified of a fictional character in my life