Despite Only Having 6000 Fans Allowed In The Stadium, We Had A Bills Mafia Tag Team Brawl In The Stands Of Saturday's Playoff Game

I'd like to lecture these gentlemen for getting into a brouhaha after being one of the select few Bills fans to get into Buffalo's first home playoff game in 25 years while everyone else was stuck at home due to covid measures. But based on my investigative journalism (pausing the video and reading the caption right before the brawl), this fight only occurred because the guy in the black allegedly got his hat stolen guy by in the red, which is more than a fair enough reason to unleash fists of fury on someone's soul. That transcends which team you root for or if you are in the middle of a global pandemic that can be spread if one of the combatants isn't wearing a mask. If you take the lid off another person, especially during a playoff game, you deserve to be pummeled like a table in Western New York before having your block knocked off.

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Would I prefer for these young men to go about their business? You betcha! But at the end of the day, a wrong was righted in a fashion that resembled a mid-80s WWF match considering it was The Zubaz Foundation vs. these two men in street clothes. And while I hate to be the one to point this out, the Zubaz boys taking the clear L in this video as their manager in the sweet Zubaz overalls looked on cannot be a good sign for the Bills fate next week, no matter how sweet that Bills Super Bowl jacket was on the combatant beating up his Timberland wearing opponent missionary style. I hope I'm wrong Bills fans, but you guys need to clean it up so the Football Gods may smile upon you and so Cuomo doesn't shut shit down for next week on the off chance you guys are hosting the Browns for an AFC Championship.