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Buffalo Wearing Mechanic Shirts And Giving Out A Hard Hat Each Game To Show How Blue Collar Of A Team They Are Is The Best Tradition In College Hoops

College sports are so stupid and so awesome man. Here I am watching a little MAC basketball in the middle of the day and get reminded of Buffalo's tradition. The tradition of wearing mechanic shirts in the pregame and giving out a Blue Collar Award which comes with a hard hat after each game. It started with Nate Oats a couple years back: 

Hell we've seen this before in the MAC, which makes it even better. EMU football coaches wore it to show how blue collar they are.

I fucking love these gimmicks too. A majority of teams have something like this. I know Xavier gives out the gold practice jersey for something like this. There are belts and other things. But a hard hat is by far the ultimate football guy's basketball guy move. It's just perfect it's at Buffalo too. You can't define Buffalo any other way than blue collar. I need Buffalo's coaches to wear these shirts the entire game this season. Everyone is lax about what coaches are wearing, slap on the mechanic shirt and get to work. Especially this guy, who HAS to be the strength and conditioning coach: 

The best part is Buffalo is actually a good team! Jeenathan Williams is an absolute monster and they have a 1-2 combo with him and Jayvon Graves. They are a favorite to win the MAC along with Toledo. Just the absolute best. I need them the guy who wins the hard hat to come out for the next game's shoot around wearing it. MACtion football might be done, but basketball is here. Oh is it here.