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Aaron Rodgers Will Honor His Idol Alex Trebek By Guest Hosting An Upcoming Episode Of Jeopardy

What is awesome? Aaron Rodgers hopped on the Pat McAfee Show today, as he does every Tuesday, and dropped some breaking news that he's going to be joining the list of upcoming guest hosts for the iconic gameshow 'Jeopardy!' in memory of the late great Alex Trebek. Ken Jennings kicked things off last night as a guest host and pretty much could not have done a better job as Clem detailed here. The bar has been set. 

Rodgers is a gigantic fan of the show and described being 'starstruck' meeting his idol Alex Trebek for the first time years ago. It became a part of his daily routine to tune into the show and play along at home. 

“I’ve told friends of mine and people that come and visit and people I’ve dated, six o’clock at my house is “Jeopardy!” And that’s just the way it goes.”

Well now we're going to get to see him host the show himself. Pretty fucking cool. All world quarterback. Humanitarian. Philanthropist. Elite Game Show Host. Aaron Rodgers. Have a life good sir.