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Loyola's Cameron Krutwig Is Larry Bird Reincarnated

Cameron Krutwig had 16 for Loyola Chicago last night carrying them over Indiana State 58-48 and lifting them to 8-3 on the year.

He was 7 of 11 from the field, and he also grabbed eight rebounds for Loyola but most importantly it put him over 1500 pts and 800 boards for his career. Meaning he now joins Larry Bird, The Big O, and Hersey Hawkins as the only plays in Missouri Valley Conference history to do so.

Pretty fucking impressive.

If you told me the kid I saw 4 years ago, who started as a freshman despite not being 100% coordinated would blossom into the offensive weapon and board machine he has I woulda told you you were crazy. 

His free throw game still makes me want to rip my hair out but he's as close to a sure thing as you can get throwing the ball to him in the low post and he's always in position for loose rebounds. 

Some people are also saying he's overtaken Larry Legend for grossest mustache in the Missouri Valley all-time which might be an even bigger accolade than the one he reached last night.