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Sammy Watkins Is Now Joining In On The Shit Talking - Tweets The Browns Really Aren't Competition

“And here. We. Go.” - Heath Ledger as The Joker in The Dark Knight, circa 2008, Jon Rothstein, circa 2018. If you know, you know. But I'll say it. I LOVE this from Sammy Watkins. Give me dudes talking confident and talking shit at all times. I blogged it yesterday. We need more shit talking in sports. I don't want everyone doing coach speak and being all buddy-buddy leading into a game. No, give me this. 

Did it backfire against JuJu and the Seahawks? Absolutely. Do I care? Nope. Guys should be able to say something like this and it shouldn't be a huge deal. What is Watkins supposed to say? 'The Browns are good and we are going to try our best and I hope we win.' Fuck that. I want the confidence especially from the reigning champs. Where's the harm in this? I know everyone will say bulletin board material for the Browns. Do we really think the Chiefs aren't going to be fired up to win a playoff game? The only thing more overrated than bulletin board material is momentum. It's all fake just so there's a talking point. Momentum isn't real, you can feel it, but there momentum doesn't swing sporting events. 

 My only wish out of this is the Browns start talking shit back and Patrick Mahomes comes over the top. Mahomes is a freak, no doubt about it. But he's also kinda boring when he talks. There's enough people on the Chiefs willing to talk he typically doesn't have to, but I want a heel turn from Mahomes. I want people pissed he comes out and agrees with Watkins. We need more heel turns in sports.