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Redskins Lost To The Seahawks, Drop to 1-4


“Hey, why isn’t Morgan Moses playing? He can’t possibly be worse than Tyler Polumbus.” Well now we know. How wild is that play? He literally didn’t know anyone was lined up a mere 10 inches from his face. Never even knew Cliff Avril was there.

And so went another Redskins lost. Despite Percy Harvin having 3 TDs called back due to flags, the Seahawks were still too good for the Skins.



Russell Wilson was too good and the Skins secondary was too Skins secondary. They were bailed out by penalties all day, and RW still went 18-24 and 2 TDs while running for another 122 and a score. You would think D-Cord Jim Haslett would adjust and spy him, but nah, that never happened. Add in the fact Brian Orakpo is the worst defensive lineman ever and that nobody could tackle anyone at the first point of contact, and that’s a big fat loss for the Skins.



DeSean had himself a game. 5 grabs for 157 and the above TD. Feels so good to have a game changer like him. If only the rest of the team could get their shit together. Kirk played about as well as possible against the Hawks D. Made some really bad throws, but also made some good throws. He’s a middle of the road QB at this point. But still 0fer as a starter. Wouldn’t be shocked if RG3 is put back in the starting role once he’s ready. Kirk just doesn’t win games. So don’t be shocked when they put Griffin back in (until his leg completely falls off his body for real).


They played better than anyone expected, but at the end of the day a loss is a loss is a loss. On to Arizona.