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A Nice Set Of Boobs Saved The CFB National Title Stream Last Night (Julia Rose Style)

If you're not a college football fan or a gambler, I can understand how last night's National Title game stunk out loud for you. (You're wrong if you don't like college football, but whatever). That game got pretty boring. Once it got out of hand (in a hurry), it was about rooting for points. Most of us had the over, so once that hit, noone cared anymore.  

It's very clear that Alabama was BY FAR the best team in the country this year. It wasn't fair. Their offense won basically every single offensive award available this year and for good reason. Records on records. Just absolute DOMINANCE. 

(We recorded a new Unnecessary Roughness right after the game. Delirious like you read about.) 

BUT this blog is not about the game. You can find a gazillion blogs about the game on the site. 

This is about the sweet, sweet pair of tits that saved the Gambling Cave stream. 


"I think those are bigger than mine. Wow, Brandon Walker!" - Erika Nardini, Barstool CEO. 

Without that moment, what would we even have had?

Brandon is notoriously the most naked person in the office. Watch one episode of Stool Streams and it's obvious. He changes clothes out in the open, left and right. (I'm jealous of this freedom, honestly). I mean we are talking about a guy who got FULLY nude for the new Boys of Barstool Calendar

I have no words. 

Anyway, thanks to Brandon for spicing it up. Nothing like some good boobs to get the people going. 

Somewhere, Julia Rose is so, so proud. Flashing perfect boobs in big time sports moments makes you a legend.


anyway… if you want our breakdown of the game and Brandon's tits (you do), listen to the podcast.

See yall next week.