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Madrid Gets Buried With Snow Then Shows Its Love Of Snow Dicks

It hadn't snowed in Madrid in 10 years then the city was smacked with upwards of a foot in some spots. We've seen a ton of videos since the storm and this one just might be the best of the bunch.

I mean you just can't beat a sledding dog. 

The Macarena has been played out for awhile now but I can dig the outdoor snowy version.

However, nothing is more popular the world over than the snow dick. Doesn't matter which country or which corner of the planet, we're always going to get snow dicks. And Spain is pretty goddamn impressive thus far.

The person hopping to make jizz marks takes this clip to another level.

Here's a real-life GIF for you...

And here we have some Skinemax-style sex (i.e. can't see actual penetration) on a car hood.

There's just something about snow that brings out the little kid in us, particularly if it doesn't typically snow were you live.

Just don't park in my spot or your car will get shivved like it's the yard at Attica.