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If You're Sick of Alabama, Hang in There Because It's About to Get Worse

Well, Bama did it again, everybody. In a season where the only thing that seemed certain was uncertainty, the most predictable outcome of them all will be our lasting image.

There was really no drama or intrigue after the first quarter. DeVonta Smith had more than 200 receiving yards and three touchdowns in the first half. Mac Jones threw for 464 yards and five touchdowns. The Tide rolled to 52 points and could have probably covered the over of 75 by themselves if they really wanted to.

It was the same Alabama robots imposing their will on any opponent that got in their way of a national championship, just as they've done five other times since 2009. Aside from one shootout against Lane Kiffin's Ole Miss team, Bama never even faced a real challenge the entire season. And if you're sick of watching Nick Saban hoist the golden football — which I might add is a far cry from the vastly superior crystal football trophy we forsake for some reason — I've got some really bad news: it's about to get worse.

Yeah, all Alabama did in the 2021 recruiting class — just in the Early Signing Period, mind you — was sign 13 players in the Top 100 nationally and a grand total of 21 four- and five-star prospects for what amounts to the highest-rated class ever assembled since we started keeping track of this stuff. And as if that weren't enough, Saban already has what could be the best quarterback he's had at Alabama in Bryce Young.

They're gonna keep doing this. It will never stop and the pain will never end. Saban will use his devil magic to continue coaching well into his 80s. I wouldn't be surprised if he's got five more of these bad boys in him.

I just dream of the day when Bama's five-star robots will morph back into the 3-8 teams of the Mike DuBose era. But I'm going to have to keep the dream alive for quite a while, because Saban and his machine aren't going anywhere.