Stone Cold Steve Austin First Learned about Mr. Socko in a Tiny Bathroom

I hit the age of 18 in 1997, two weeks after Stone Cold Steve Austin became the biggest wrestling star on the planet when he and Bret Hart stole the show at Wrestlemania 13.

Over the next few years, I would get zero women and Stone Cold Steve Austin launched into megastardom. These two things aren't related at all but I'm a truthful writer. The Attitude Era, ushered in by Austin, was pretty much the coolest time period in the history of Earth, and it doubles as the time period where my wrestling fandom was at its apex.

On today's episode of Rasslin', Stone Cold dropped in to spend 35 minutes talking about the business, dropping stories I've never heard before. The most noteworthy among these stories was when I asked about the circumstances behind the incredible skit where Austin attacked a clearly crippled Vince McMahon - he had a sprained ankle that required hospitalization and multiple nurses. 

Prior to filming his part, Austin was locked into a tiny bathroom with fellow legend Mick Foley, who pulled a surprise out of his pants, a surprise that would change his career.

In the 35-minute interview, Austin also talked about:

  • Passing out in the sharpshooter at Mania 13 and becoming a bigger star.
  • What the Undertaker's recent retirement meant to Austin.
  • The wrestlers who took the Stone Cold Stunner better than anyone.
  • And he liked my podcast name.